Leadership DeKalb Committees

Class Liaisons

Co-Chairs: Roshonda Coleman ’10 and Greg Taube ’05

This committee of elected Class Liaisons is responsible for assisting the organization with engaging and connecting its graduates and members. They support Leadership DeKalb’s mission to engage, educate, energize and showcase its active members and graduates as leaders in DeKalb County. Lastly, they lead their respective classes in the competition to win the annual title of “The Best Class Ever!”


Chair: Charles Yorke ’07

This committee shall have the duty to prepare and present to the Board the operating budget of the corporation and make such recommendations and other financial matters as necessary.


Chair: Ron Alston ’08

This committee is responsible for various resource development and fundraising activities to support the operations and programs of the organization.


Chair: Ron Alston

The Committee shall select and present a slate of officers/directors to the General Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting. The slate of nominees is comprised of the new Chair Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer and sufficient number of Board members to fill Board seats whose terms have expired. Upon the approval of a majority of the members at the Annual Membership Meeting, the new officers and directors shall begin serving on the first day of the next fiscal year following the presentation of the slate.

Member Services

Chair: Charlotte Combre ’04

This committee is responsible for membership affairs, including providing continued member values and programs, as well as encouraging connections.

Public Relations

Chair: Bo Spalding ’09

This committee provides the necessary public and media relations overarching strategy and support for the organization.


Chair: LaTisha Dear ’06

This committee administers the nominating procedure and review of the participants of the Leadership DeKalb Program.

Sustainability (aka “Carpe Mañana”)

Co-Chairs: Polly Sattler ’09 and Amber Weaver ’11

This committee supports Leadership DeKalb in its mission to be more sustainable. Each program, event and/or meeting is an opportunity to make positive choices from local and organic food to recycling, energy use and transportation options. It also seeks out ways to inform members, graduates and local businesses about local sustainability options, as well as to partner with community organizations committed to sustainability.

Youth Leadership DeKalb

Co-Chairs: Angela Battle ’07 and Wendolyn Bouie ’09

This committee serves as the advisory council to the Youth Leadership DeKalb Program. They oversee everything from class selection and programs to the internship program.

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