Economic Development Fellows Program

In partnership with Decide DeKalb and Georgia Power, Leadership DeKalb presents the Economic Development Fellows Program.

Program Objective:  

This program will provide training for community leaders in assisting DeKalb County with its economic development efforts. The Economic Development Fellows Program will span a six week segment, held on Tuesday mornings. The final week will include a day long tour of the county to bring to life the concepts learned during the classroom time.

Program Schedule:

The Economic Development Fellows program will be held on the following days;

Tuesday, November 3rd
“Basics of Economic Development”

Tuesday, November 10th
“DeKalb’s Economic Development Lens”

Tuesday, November 17th
“Attracting and Retaining Business in DeKalb County”

Tuesday, December 1st
“How Local Entities Support DeKalb’s Economy”

Tuesday, December 8th
“Bringing Economic Development To Life”

Tuesday, January 26th
“Mission Deployment Meeting”

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of who made the inaugural program.


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